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How to Treat Poor Circulation in Feet and Legs?

Having good blood circulation makes the tissues to have nutrients, diminish toxins and is a basic function in long-term leg health and strength. Proper leg circulation can be gained by commencing with basic habits and adding changes to your diet. In the market, there are available tools for enhancing blood circulation in the feet and the whole body. Visit this link for more info: https://www.halohealthcare.com/dr-ho-circulation-promoter/.

Specifically, the word circulation pertains to the regular delivery of blood around the body, which is done by the pumping function of the heart. Such movement or circulation of blood happens in a group of tubes known as blood vessels in our body. For a fact, arteries are blood vessels that transport blood away from the heart, while veins are blood veins that bring blood back to the heart.

Delivering blood back to the heart can be difficult for the circulatory system because the blood has to be brought backwards throughout the body. In this lieu, the muscles in the veins aid in this circulation. When these muscles contract around veins, they enhance blood flow going to the heart. This is the reason why being active, like exercising and walking, can help enhance blood circulation in your body.

Circulation can decline as we get older. However, blood circulation problems can pertain to anyone and at any age, when you are not that active. Below are helpful tips for enhancing blood circulation in the body.

Six Tips for Improving Blood Circulation in Legs

What is a peripheral arterial disease?

A lot of people suffering from diabetes experience pain in their legs and feet, which bear symptoms like pain, cramping, tingling and numbness. Such could be due to the poor blood circulation and nerve damage. Wherein, the underlying causes pertain to peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and peripheral neuropathy. These two (2) are gained when there are high blood glucose levels but are different from each other.

In experiencing PAD, arteries in the legs and arms become thin and harden as an outcome of fatty plaque deposits, which results in a lower count of blood flow in the legs and feet. In fact, such disorder is present in 8–12 million Americans and is basically shown in people with diabetes. Furthermore, nearly one-third of people with diabetes with the age of 50+ experience PAD. The symptoms of PAD may be intermittent claudication, which is the cramping leg pain that becomes present in walking and stops with rest. Others are slow healing of cuts and sores on the related extremities, tingling of the legs and feet, coldness and numbness.

Six Tips for Improving Blood Circulation in Legs

  1.      Walking

Walking is a basic simple exercise that contributes to having an active and healthy lifestyle, which may also result in weight loss. Furthermore, walking in itself at any pace will enhance blood circulation throughout the body. It is the best way to build muscle contraction in the legs. In this lieu, when muscles contract and relax, they congest the large vessels in the legs, which encourage healthy blood circulation. Additional benefits to walking and other forms of exercise may be overall balance and enhancement of moods.

  1.      Stretching

Performing basic stretching exercises endows a number of benefits for the body. This type of exercise when executed properly can aid in good blood circulation. The oxygen and nutrients are delivered correctly to the organs and muscles in the body, which is needed for flexibility, proper function and movement.

  1.      Position Your Body

When you cross the legs upon sitting, it may harm the blood circulation in the body. This simple position diminishes circulation to the legs, which leads to difficulties for the blood to be transported to your leg tissue to keep it healthy. In this lieu, make sure to sit in the proper position that encourages better blood flow.

  1.      Wear Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are most advisable for those who work while being seated or standing for a whole day. Having added pressure on the legs or showing too little movement can be harmful to your overall health and circulation. What you can do is wear compression stockings, which redoes the internal action of walking thru resulting the muscles in your legs to always contract and relax. This enhances blood flow.

  1.      Don’t Smoke

Don’t Smoke

To bear healthy blood vessels, smoking is a no-no. It can result in the swelling of your feet and ankles. Also, blood clots may happen during a smoking habit. When engaging in smoking, the heart fails to function in the best conditions, which may result in damaged blood vessels and veins in the legs.

  1.      Handle Stress Levels

If you don’t know, stress can endow harmful effects on the mental and physical health of a person suffering from these. It may lead to poor blood circulation. To relieve stress, you may undergo psychotherapy, listen to music, meditate, take deep breaths or exercise. Maintain proper blood circulation to stay healthy.

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