Top Six Home Renovation Ideas For 2019

Home Renovation Ideas

Ask anyone about their favorite place in the entire globe, and they will point to their home. Sweet Home. Period. A home is a place which has been labeled a safe space for all your family members and blood relations. But, do your family members feel the need for renovation this year? If yes, you are on the right page. In this article, we focus on the top ten home renovation ideas for 2019.

  1. First Impression

First Impression

So, how do your guests enter the home? Via the door and the compound gate. Right? They will definitely not come through the underground tunnel. So, ensure that their impression right from the gate to the front door of your home is a pleasant one. Do you have a small space outside the front door? Then turn this into a mini garden, which have plants that give more oxygen. Also, you can model the outside gate with many wonderful designs.

  1. Water Tank and Chimney – Mandatory jobs for Home Renovation Ideas for 2019

Water Tank

Just look at the title. Don’t you think they are important parts of your home? Water is needed by every human being for various purposes such as cooking, washing and other activities? A human body contains sixty percent of water. It is essential that the water tank has to be kept clean. If the water tank has become damaged or remains unclean, then the health of your family members is at risk. So, have a look at your water tank, and in case, if it is time for a complete renovation, go for it.

Chimney – How do you call a kitchen? It is considered the heart of a home. But the cooking process makes up for a lot of fumes and smoke. If they get distributed in the home, then it may become a cause of illness. So, it is time to check if the chimney needs renovation or restructuring. In recent times, there are several types such as electrical chimneys and many more. Go for the correct type as per the requirements of womenfolk in your family.

  1. Basement Suite – Hot Home Renovation Ideas for 2019

Basement Suite

At present, everyone wants to have a free space room in his/her home. Do you also opt for the same? Yes? Take time to check if the unwanted items kept in the storeroom can be sold off at a cheap rate online. Then renovate the room into a new one with special features for a bachelor. If you want to make some money, then rent out the room to a guest, a family member who has come to work in your city.

Garage – Many assume that the garage is a dark little place. Now, that has been the assumption since earlier times. But the same place has undergone a transformation now. Usually, garages are present beneath the home or in a separate room. The same dark garage can be made more colorful and excellent by introducing new lights in the room. Also, a clean garage can also become a place for book reading and more.

  1. Attic


Mention the name “attic” and you are reminded of a place with unwanted items, broken chairs and many more. The place is dark and can resemble a place of dust. But give the place a makeover. Clean the attic and make it more vibrant. Let the place be changed to a room where you can take rest and look at the stars and moon after a heavy meal. You can consider cleaning the attic and making it a living room as one of the top home renovation ideas for 2019.

  1. Kitchens


We have already mentioned about the kitchen. Now, do the women in your family feel that the place needs an uplift? If you are of the same opinion, then consider changing the cupboards and wooden boxes. Give it a new design or completely change the entire set. Kitchen re-modification is one of the top home renovation ideas for 2019 in many Indian families.

  1. Smart Home


Smart Home

We come to the latest renovation technique followed in many homes. Home Renovation. Smart home and the internet of things. If your home can be changed to a smart one, then there is no need to do the manual jobs. You can control every smart appliance by single voice command. There are many devices in the market, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. And how can we forget Alexa?

So, If you have every smart appliance in the home, such as washing machine, microwave oven, fridge, and even smart lights, then the benefits are immense. You can schedule the washing machine to send an alert if the process is over. You can send a text message to the microwave oven to heat the food as per the requirement. Then, you can open the doors of the garage within 500 meters from your home. You can do the tasks by home automation. A smart home is one of the best home renovation ideas for 2019 by many middle-class families.


So, have you read about the top home renovation ideas for 2019? Yes, there are many more, but we have touched only on the important parts of a home. Do you want to get more information on the home renovation? Then subscribe to our website letter.

All said and done. But is that all? What about the next job after home renovation? Let us imagine the situation. You are in Mumbai. The home renovation has been completed, and the handyman has left. But still, you find dirt and debris in the kitchen and other parts of a home. So, what is the best idea? You can download the app of the best home maintenance company and search for the professionals skilled in house cleaning in Mumbai. You can schedule the time for cleaning and get the home back to the sparkling condition in no time.


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