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SEO Packages | 3 Easy-to-Understand Pricing Options

Pricing is a very important thing in every business out there, and before you emerge into the main field, you must learn about the different types of pricing. If you are a consumer, then, it’s certain, that you will look for the value of the products.

The pricing strategy is a crucial thing in every business out there. Pricing is a complete process, and with the ultimate goal of defining a strategy, it maximizes your revenue.

To help you on this pricing as a process journey, you must understand the three common strategies used to define the SEO Packages pricing process, such as cost-plus, competitor-based, and value-based. Thus, the following is on the pricing strategy you should be using in your recurring revenue in business.

  1. Cost-Plus Pricing

This is the most basic form, selling something for more than it costs is what its simple definition. You have to add up all of the costs of providing the service and then attach the profit margin on top just to represent the value you are giving your customers.

There are two benefits of calculating price,

  • As long as you know how much the costs are, it’s important to work out the price. There will be no market research, no strategizing, no data analysis.
  • Cost-plus pricing will get you a sure win. It’s impossible to know if you’re going to cover your costs. The initial costs you are bearing might include only hosting and some kind of developments. In here, as you enhance your business you will not be able to change your prices to account in case of a new hire, thus, your profits will be affected.
  1. Competitor-Based Pricing

In this case, you are unsure of the initial value of your product and do not want to go too high or too low. This very situation is obvious that you should look at the other companies selling strategy of similar products and then decide your own price point.

  1. Value-Based Pricing

This can be called as Customer-Based Pricing because that is exactly what it is. Instead of looking inwardly at your own company, or monitoring your competitors, with value-based pricing strategy you get a look on the outward part.

The great reasons to base your pricing on the values of customers:

  • Their willingness to pay

In here, you have to ask people, if they will actually pay for the products you are selling. In the case of competitor based pricing, this happens in a reverse way. If one person is willing to pay at least some money for the product of your competitor, that same person can have the will for buying your stuff too. The main thing is that your product has to have that true value than your competitor has, only then you can put a different price.

  • The best product

If you are selling the same product for years, it will not have the same effect on the mind of your customers, thus, an upgrade is a must.

Every pricing strategies has an important place in business. In this case, you have to find out how much they are willing to pay for your product and the type of features they want to see.

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Naveen Kumar has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, and he provides services in, SEO services, SMO, web designing, development to many parts of the world. He is also the owner and founder of JDM Web Technologies.


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