The Results Are In: A Survey of the Biggest WordPress Struggles for Business Owners

Biggest WordPress Struggles for Business Owners

Pagely’s 2018 WordPress Challenges Survey put a spotlight on top WP problems faced by websites owners.

If you read the survey study to the end, the results will astonish you!

We all know that WordPress is one of the famous platform and a simple template. Many website owners prefer WordPress due to its free and easy content management system.

The platform is a complete website solution that also brings with it a huge library of inexpensive and free plugins and themes. These templates help in creating highly responsive and appealing websites that can be improved with dynamic content. That is why WordPress has already surpassed powering almost 30% of the entire internet.

The codes of WordPress are open source that makes it quite simple to integrate and optimize on the main server, even a novice user can easily take care of it. The daily improvements and innovations in terms of CMS templates have caused WordPress to easily surpass its counterparts such as Drupal,Joomla,andMagento.

It is said that the winner takes it all!

WordPress has left these platforms in the dust, with a wide margin. WP attained the biggest height when almost 75million sites started using WordPress, claiming more than 60% of content management system market share that has 2% increase just in 2018.

This means that Joomla was left with only a 6.3% share,Magento 2.4%, Drupal 4.4% and Shopify at only 1.9%.

It is no surprise that every user, regardless of if they only use great products, is always doubtful or skeptical about the future implications. This question eventually leaves the WP users in the dark in terms of the biggestWordPress headaches.

Pagely’s Results ofWordPress Challenges Survey – 2018

Pagely is a renowned and leading hosting company. They recently conducted a survey to get in-depth and practical information about WordPress functionality, from its various users.  They surveyed WordPress users belonging to a range of specialty. From blogger to dev agencies, enterprise tech leads to CEOs, they were asked to share their experience ofWordPress.

The focus was to know the biggest challenges or headaches in hosting as well as managing their services through WordPress and the results obtainedcouldn’t be more interesting.

Pagely’s survey revealed quite astonishing pinpoints of WP. The correspondents view the challenges from varying angles and with different pinpoints. In fact, if we study the results from a small business’s point of view, the top 3 pinpoints (as we discuss them below) are highly critical to ensure;their WordPresswebsite remains up running – at all times and without any interruption or downtime.

Let’s discuss the three main pinpoints highlighted in the Pagely’s WordPress Challenges Survey – 21018. We’llalso look at how far WordPress users would go to get away with these challenges.

The Top WordPress Pin Points

The top challenges faced by users of WordPress go far beyond designing their presence or managing their content on the web. When we say far beyond, it means that we are talking about issues or challenges that directly affect the whole business.

Certainly,WordPress is the most preferred CMS today. This is something incontestable but the uneasiness of using different aspects of this CMS can be significantly damaging for a business. Just a slight mistake in terms of productivity may spell a doom and provide adequate room for competitors to rise and shine. Not to mention, WordPress is a B2B company where most of the well-known companies not only establish their online presence but also depends on it.

Following are the top 3 responses, pivotal to WP users;

  1. 52 percent say performance issues
  2. 41 percent highlight security issues
  3. 35 percent face site breaking updates issue.
  • Performance Issues

We don’t need MS, Google etc to figure out or understand the significance of website speed. We all know how distressful a slower site can be and how impressive it is to navigate through a lightning-fast site.

Have you ever had the experience of visiting a website, loading in fits and make you feel as if you are still living in 2001?

If yes, then you may know why performance is the biggest challenging aspect for WordPress users. In today’s competitive industries, speed matters for businesses. In fact, it plays a critical role in establishing a strong online presence in Search Engines.

Bing (faster is better) and Google (faster sites make happy users) have explicitly and officially stated and emphasized on the importance of performance in improving your site’s rating.

With so much emphasis on performance and speed, it is no surprise; performance tops the list of WP challenges.

Thanks to a range of plugins, most of the WP site owners easily deal with the most basic site optimizations. This simplifies and makes it easy to set up initial caching or to ensure the reasonable size of the images.

Indeed, to get only the best speed from a WP site need deeper understanding. This involves paying attention to different factors including a number of HTTPrequests, server behavior, browser handling etc. Since not many designers build the sites in such detail, it might get trickier for businesses to maintain a 2 second page load times as preferred by Google.

  • Security

It’s not long since we’ve been introduced to updated GDPR. With the increasing security threats, alleviation of security now demands more attention. Some may agree that our mainstream media, with all those hacking and cyber attacks news, have spread enough doubt and fear, but hacking or cyberattack is still making news and becoming frequent every passing day.

Undoubtedly some of the created hype is based on actual facts and are of cause, real.

This is exactly why data privacy laws (GDPR) are more focused on ensuring the confidentially and privacy of the users. For them, a compromised site means a lot more seriousconsequences than we could imagine.

Since the majority of WordPress developers or business owners are professional security experts, no doubt security concerns worry 41% of the WordPress users.

  • Updates

Safe wordpress updates – 35% survey respondents believe that updates about redirecting and site breaking must be accorded as the first priority. But this sounds surprising. We all know the importance of keeping our software updated. In fact, it is one of the most critical tasks to ensure your site’s security.

Indeed, almost every site professional or respondent of the survey did not have a handle on this. It shouldn’t be the case considering the plethora of plugins, services,and tweaks that simplify the up gradation for users. Yet, site breaking updates are still one of the headaches.

The only reason that has highlighted updates as one of the top three challenges of WordPress is that installation of the updates is not actually a job you can perform passively. No user can just set it and forget with automation. No surprise that hundreds of software chunks, written by countless developers do interfere with each other.

Every new WordPress update needs to be checked if the new code functions well with the old one. In other words, each WP site must be tested after up gradation. There are efforts involved, which is why it is the third biggest challenges of WordPress.

How Far Can WP Users Go To Avoid These Headaches?

Of course, after knowing the top three headaches of using WP it is also relevant to ask how far users can go to get rid of these challenges – once and for all. To what depths WP users would be ready to dive just to avoid these pain areas.

Here are the results;

  • 26% would eat a bug
  • 37% are ready to give up coffee
  • 29% are sure to give up vacation time
  • 20% prefer taking a pay cut

All of them seem pretty reasonable and no doubt reflects on the severity of these challenges for business owners.

Issues Faced by Users with Their Hosting Providers

Pagely also figured out the issues that WordPress users face with their hosting providers. Being the pioneer in the WordPress managed hosting industry, Pagely highlighted the primary reasons why WP users prefer a hosting provider and what factors make them stay with their existing host.

Seemingly the number of respondents who indicated problems with their hosting provider was low but their issues and concerns are definitely worth noting.

Some of the challenges faced by the WP users with their providers include support issues (25%), high expenses (30%), uptime problems (18%) and security issues (19%).

On the contrary what they like about their hosting providers and what makes them choose a hosting provider include affordable plans (30%), excellent service (42%) and loyalty (19%).

Self Hosting WordPressand Its Associated Challenges

Each day we come across several WP users who struggle with their self-hostingsolutions. A good hosting provider would consider the problems and help such people to fully optimize their hosting teams and make them what they are good at while leaving out all other parts to a professional hosting provider to get a good match.

This is exactly what Pagely believed in and asked multiple users about different challenges that they face on daily basis. The results gathered from the respondents were in line with Pagely’s own assumptions of what makes self-hosting a typical job.

As per the results of the survey;

  • 50% found it hard to manage security monitoring
  • 39% were worried about not having a consistent 24/7 service
  • 47% showed concern for up-gradation and improvement of the site
  • 29% mentioned staff productivity

Not much of a surprise, all these factors ranked as the biggest challenges for users who prefer WordPressself-hosting. All of them are recurrent issues and 80% of the cases revolve around these problems.

WordPressUsers Show Confidence in WordPressfor Many Reasons

Pagely’s this part of the survey is in relation to their efforts put in to establish WordPress as the best CMS option. For a long time, Pagely is showing a good picture of WordPress to various companies that must migrate to WordPress and make the most of its functionality.

For this part of the survey, they asked WP users what they hope to achieve and accomplish with their personal WP site. The results illustrated the great confidence that these users have in WordPress, quite well.

Users believe that WordPress would help them to achieve increased traffic (64%), make them more efficient to run their site (39%) and increase revenue (43%).

For the best part;Pagely completely agrees that WordPress can easily assist users with all of these significant business goals. The results clearly indicate the confidence and believe that WordPress users have in the template for a long time due to its ease of navigation and user-friendliness.

In the bottom line

The results of Pagely’s WordPress Challenge 2018 clear out many aspects of WordPress that still needs improvement. Indeed, WordPress is growing rapidly. It is one of the most user-friendlyplatforms for beginners and its popularity is based on the fact that you don’t need to be a professional developer to use this platform.

It has helped millions of users in establishing a strong online presence. One of the biggest reason people still prefer WordPress over its counterparts is that itoffers a range of themes and plugins. It is an SEO friendly platform that helps your business to rank high in the search engine. Many business owners prefer WordPress over other platforms because it’s highly responsive to mobile devices.

Even though there is a room for more improvement in terms of challenges discussed above, WordPress is still one of the best options to start making your business’s online presence and to establish its credibility by developing a highly responsive and user-friendly website.


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