Healthy Snacks for Type ll Diabetics

Healthy Snacks for Type ll Diabetics

Diabetes occurs if the blood sugar level is too high. The cause may vary but it is basically because of an unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet. This disease has no cure yet but there are so many ways to manage it. The fact that there is a cure for Diabetes does not mean a diabetic person is hopeless. There are many ways to make the blood sugar level lower and to also manage the symptoms. One of the effective ways to manage Diabetes is LORNA VANDERHAEGHE GLUCOSMART WITH CHIROSITOL and you can also get your Yes Wellness new coupon codes.


What Are The Types of Diabetes?

Type I Diabetes

This usually occurs during the early period, childhood to adolescence. This has no cure but it has treatments that manage the blood sugar level. This is usually caused by genetics. This is the type of Diabetes that can occur the earliest in terms of age. If the family background has Diabetes, there is a very high possibility that a person can carry this at an early time. The only way this can be prevented is if you already know that Diabetes runs in your blood, then start a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet even if the disease does not occur yet. Always remember that prevention is always better than cure and do not wait for Diabetes to get in the way instead take action right away.

Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes

Meanwhile, type II Diabetes is more common with adults. This is developed within the age of 30 as earliest but it increases within the age of 40. As early as the 40s, if Diabetes runs in the blood of your family you should start living a healthy life and start having a balanced diet. The best thing to do is even you have not reached the age of 40, you should really have a proper diet. Diabetes occurs sometimes without the person knowing and being unaware. While it is true that older people are more prone to developing Diabetes, this does not necessarily mean young ones are exempted in having this disease. No one should take their healths for granted. Diabetes is a serious condition and it can lead to worse and more serious complications.


  • Change in attitude

This may seem irrelevant but if you will notice your relatives suffering from Diabetes, they have sudden mood swings.

  • Drastic weight loss or gain
  • Wounds became slow in healing
  • Numbness in the hands or feet
  • Darkening of the skin or some body parts
  • Blurred vision

These are not all the symptoms of Diabetes but these are the common ones. You should check with your physician also if necessary. Also to give you an idea on which healthy foods or snacks you need to eat if you have a type II Diabetes, here is a list of those:

  1. Whole Grain Crackers

You can top your whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese. These are good snacks if you have type II Diabetes because whole grain crackers are not just rich in fiber but also in carbs. While it is good for metabolism, it can also suffice hunger.

  1. Tuna Salad or Sandwich

Tuna is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. If you are going to make a tuna salad, add some veggies. You can put lettuce, tomatoes (which is rich in antioxidants), carrots and you can add a small amount of mayonnaise. You can also use yogurt instead of mayonnaise if you want to make your salad healthier. If you want to make a tuna sandwich you can make the salad as filling. Make sure to use wheat bread and not white bread. You can also add almond nuts on your salad to add flavor. Almond nuts are also good for type II Diabetes.

  1. Hard Boiled Egg

If you want a simple snack, you can just boil an egg. You can eat at least two hard boiled eggs within the day. You can eat this in between meals.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in fiber and antioxidants. It is also known for its power to lower blood sugar level. It improves metabolism. The tendency of the body is to flush out all the toxins. You can also add berries, apple or any fruit or your choice. Just make sure to use fresh and not dried fruits.

  1. Boiled or Roasted Sweet Potatoes

If you want a simple snack, you can just boil your sweet potatoes and then eat it. But, if you want a twist and add ons on your sweet potatoes, you can bake or roast it. Slice your sweet potatoes in half then bake it. Once it is cooked, you can put turkey, tuna or berries on top of your sliced sweet potato.


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