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Do you have a love for Wikipedia! Then you might be a Wikipedians- the contributor of the free encyclopedia that anyone can make contributions to. And often spend their free time or some part of it extracting information and making contributions to it. Some find the time of expenditures with Wikipedia as a hobby and others as their lifestyle while some of them consider it as a means of untraditional means of self-learning. Well, the question again is how to become a Wikipedians.  

Understand Wikipedia;

The very first move of yours is to understand how Wikipedia works. Since the slogan of Wikipedia is “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” this will lead to two things; Wikipedia is an encyclopedia similar to Britannica that has the aim of providing extensive knowledge on any topic more than any dictionary but lesser of a book. And moreover having valid and reliable sources have always been the prior concern of Wikipedia standards. If you don’t have a constant reference in the description, then you shouldn’t cite it, and it’s as simple

Stay aware!

Well, the point that is needed to keep in consideration is Wikipedia page editor is open to vandalism since it’s an encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone. For instance; it happened a decade ago that unknown individual searched about some subject on Wikipedia and what he found in the results were just a piece of information that was baseless. Well, whoever did this must be banned from making edits to the website again, but the thing that is revealed is that even the most comprehensive articles can also be vandalized. You need to be wary!

Learn more about it

Have Wikipedia placed in your bookmarks tab and try to make a folder of the subject of your interest on Wikipedia. You might be surprised for how many clicks you have made to Wikipedia, and you will also find several interesting facts related to the encyclopedia.

Start making contributions;

As soon as you find a topic that you are well aware of and want to share knowledge about it, initiate with doing some research beforehand and then make contributions. On the contrary several people also get rid of old articles that are to be translated, etc. so not everyone across the globe is well acknowledged to bring to the table all the information regarding a specific topic, and that’s why you can start with making smaller contributions throughout. Finally, you will elevate your values through proper learning and manage your work well.  

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and is contributed by a variety of volunteers, the majority on the internet users view Wikipedia article every other day however they cannot, but we have got you some easy and quick ways to get yourself quickly registered as an active member of Wikipedia.

Take part in stubs

Place your contribution in already existent articles. An article that has not been adequately finished might appear as a stub. You can make them complete more over these stubs are categorized into arts, cultures, media and much more.  

Add visuals

An encyclopedia is not complete without visual aids. You can place as many visuals as you desire. Though, you need to bring to the table in-depth information on the sources and the license of the image. If you don’t have enough info make sure you don’t use pictures otherwise will be deleted.

Make new articles

Wikipedia is consistently growing a network, though the growth has been slowed from past decades you can help growth increase by composing essays of your own. You need to write a theme related to something you are highly acknowledged about so that you might write complete and authentic. Articles that are composed with entire purpose will be spotted and deleted on the spot.

Make it spam free.

Wikipedia is viewed every day by millions of people. Hence the trends are full of vandalism and spamming. Individuals who criticize or spam a page might have unverified links and blank pages, or irrelevant information has been placed. You can also make these pages spam free or revert the criticism by adding what is right.  

Make it better for newbies

It’s true that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia; it is also a community. You should help out newbies to make it a bigger and better place for everyone and make it a reliable means of information. You can also take part in the maintenance tasks like making it free from the copyright violations, helping deletion process and fixing articles.


So Wikipedia is a hub of knowledge but not a school of education, you might like it or not Wikipedia can be wrong about anything just like personal views. So don’t search for the medical advice on Wikipedia and visit some professionals of medicine.


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