Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing

A look at the title, Artificial intelligence in digital marketing and you will feel that it is the right article written in accordance with the trend. In the olden ages, the technology innovations used to be beneficial only on equipment and for industries. But when social media expanded its forte in the life of humans, seldom did any marketer visualize the impact it had on the business.

But it is past some ten years, or so, that social media has changed the very aspect of marketing in the globe. Now, digital marketing is the order of the day. Every company, worth its name in the industry is banking on the data given by the digital marketing team to make strategies for the next month. But technology has moved even forward. In this article of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, we look at some trends that will rule this year, that is 2019.

Five Years Ago

It was only half a decade before, that many marketers were finding it difficult to inculcate artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies. However, since 2017, the trend has changed. It is estimated that nearly 70 percent of companies (we mean the SMB and even large corporations have included AI in their strategies).

Now, in 2019, the trend has entirely changed with many of the companies opting for digital marketing. And do you know that the recent trend is artificial intelligence in digital marketing is more preferred and the topic of the year rather the Internet of Things and Home Automation?

Is Only Artificial Intelligence Used in Digital Marketing?

No, there are other related sciences such as machine learning, natural language processing and even deep learning which are used in digital marketing strategies of a company.

  1. Content Creation

Let us take a situation. You reside in Mumbai and have a computer repair shop. To increase your profits, you have tied up with the best home improvement company which offers doorstep repair services for computer repair in Mumbai. Now you also post ads on the internet. So how do you turn your target audience’s attention towards the business? By content. By using specific words on advertisements and posting on relevant platforms.

But do you have time for it? Getting to know the right words and all? It is here that the AI has come in handy. There are some online tools (paid version) where you can get to know the requirements of your target audience and generate words accordingly. Do you know that there are AI tools which can help create content? For example, just check on the internet for Quill, and Wordsmith.


This marketing strategy was used by marketing agencies and marketing teams since the beginning of the internet. But back then, it was the same email that went to thousands of customers. In recent times, personalized email has come to the picture, courtesy, artificial intelligence.

Okay, let us take an example. You have a computer repair shop in Mumbai. Now, with the help of the small digital marketing team, you know the target audience, their needs, and requirements. Now a customer who is staying near a place which has many companies will have laptops. On the other hand, a customer who stays in semiurban areas will have desktop computers.

Now if you are going to send an email regarding doorstep repair services to the urbanite, you should send content related to the laptops. On the other hand, if you have to send email for the semi-urbanite it should be related to the computer. Please note, that this change of content and the requisite data, you can get because you have implemented artificial intelligence algorithms in the digital marketing applications.

With machine learning, the algorithm can determine the time, the weekday the mail with the requisite content can be sent to the user. Now, don’t you think that this strategy will generate more leads and revenue instead of the earlier version of sending the same email content to thousands of customers? Want to know more? Persado, Boomtrain, and Phrasee are some of the AI tools that are used in email marketing.


Now, there is another aspect of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Remember the places, where you see promoted ads on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. When you browse on Facebook, information gets stored on your demographics, interests so that the platform can know the best product to recommend buying for the requirement.

  1. Searches

There was a time when you have to follow certain restrictions for searching on the internet. You need to type a full sentence to search for getting information on the topic. But now, the emphasis is on voice search. And with home improvement going by the likes of automation in electronic appliances, the focus is on getting the words in your content which has been preferred by customers.

Just look around yourself. There are so many devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo as well as Siri from Apple. Yes, you also have the Cortana from Microsoft. Now, you can search for the relevant topic by just a voice or sending the text.

Even the giant, Google has specified, that seventy percent of the searches in its engine revolves around very normal conversational language. So, the content of digital marketing for industries will change, that is, the long tail keywords will be replaced by short ones.


A time will come when the word artificial intelligence is mentioned, and you will be reminded of chatbots. The best example is of customer care service. If you call certain e-commerce websites, you can get apt responses. But please note, that it is a chatbot which gives the correct answer. If you look at the recent customer care services in any industry, they have mostly turned to customer-centric conversations. Chatbots can solve simple queries by customers.

But in case of complex queries regarding products or services, the chatbot will reroute the query to another of its type, which is designed on the basis of machine learning. Now this chatbot can handle even complex queries. However, please note, that the chatbot can also note down your doubts and queries. In case a new product comes as per the requirements, you may get the notification in your mobile or email.


Have you read the article on artificial intelligence in digital marketing? Yes, there are other benefits of AI such as predictive analysis. We plan to focus more on this aspect in the next round of articles.


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