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Holiday in USA from Dubai

The United States of America is a country that has risen to great prominence in recent times, once a colony of England, the US is now a global leader. While it is still a favorite place to settle for most expats, it is also a country that has a lot of natural and man-made marvels which we can see. From Alaska to Texas to Hawaii, this great country has every type of weather and climate imaginable. Whatever be a visitor’s preference, they can experience it in America. Ergo, ones bitten by the wanderlust bug often frequent in booking Dubai to USA tour packages.

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New York, the big apple has been the setting of many a fictional world. Every person on earth who can speak English would have knowledge of New York be it the statue of liberty, the Empire state building, the queens, Brooklyn Bridge, and so on. The traffic of New York is infamous all over the world. There is also a saying made just for it: ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’.

On the other coast of America, a place that is the exact opposite of busy New York is the slow and sensual California. Home to Silicon Valley, California is a place of the bigwigs of the IT industry. One of the most famous suspension bridges, the golden gate bridge is located here. There is also the Yosemite national park for health, fitness, sports and adventure lovers. Many tourists frequent the Santa Monica Pier.  The state of California also has Los Angeles, the city of the stars, a must inclusion in all USA holiday packages from Dubai. It is the home to Hollywood and the perfect destination for fans of Hollywood stars.

The state of Nevada has a few gems up its sleeve like the place of ultimate entertainment, the sin city, Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon is also in Nevada and is the place that is a must inclusion in any Italy Tour Packages From Dubai. The Grand Canyon perfectly encapsulates the path of a river and the earth over millions of years. The Hoover dam is one of the largest construction project undertaken in the United States and it is not to be missed.

Contrastingly, the state of Washington is a state with a lot of rain and cloud cover, one of the highest in the country. It also has many mountains like Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helen, etc. Washington actually hosts five volcanoes and a lot more mountains. The state is filled with flora and fauna as it gets abundant rainfall. In short, it is a nature lover’s dream come true.

Florida is paradoxical to Washington and is called the sunshine state. There are hundreds of beaches in this state as it has hundreds of miles of a coast. The Miami Beach and Key West are particularly notable beaches in all of Florida. Orlando is famous especially among children as it is the home to one of the largest and most popular Disney lands in the world.

New Orleans is a unique mixture of French, African and American experience. It is a place where expats spread their culture in a country that is otherwise almost completely English speaking. It is called the unique city in all of America and has a distinct dialect, foods, and festivals of its own. It was once a French colony and was later sold off by France. It is the biggest city in Louisiana and has one of the biggest ports in the country. Its celebrations and festivals like Mardi Gras are noteworthy.

Another extreme in America is Alaska. One of the coldest places on earth, Alaska is also the largest state of the USA. It was originally a territory of Russia but was bought by America in the year 1867 for 7.2 million US dollars. Along with California, Alaska also has huge deposits of gold and oil. It is rich in natural resources and has mountains, forests, abundant wildlife and a sparse population.  The Denali peak is the tallest mountain in the state and has a wonderful view; the city of Anchorage is the largest in the state. Alaska is very popular for winter sports like skiing.

Hawaii Islands, like Alaska, is altogether disconnected from mainland America. It has a unique culture found nowhere else in the country. Hawaii is very famous for its beaches, tropical climate, culture and traditions, food and drinks and many more. Hawaii has visitors all year owing to the tropical year-round moderate climate. Japanese make up the majority of tourists, but there are a lot of American and international visitors as well. Overall, this is one of the must-visit places in America when booking US holiday packages from Dubai.


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